Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Husband by Laura Dave

If I could rate this book five stars plus, plus, plus I absolutely would. What can I say? Wow. I could not put The First Husband down. I did not want it to end. I would love to see the characters reappear in a future work (please?). I found all the characters endearing in their own right and relevant and real. It is not every day that a read grabs me as The First Husband did. 

Escape by Barbara Delinsky

I really enjoyed Escape and found that I could not put this book down. The setting was perfect and for a good part of the story I was not sure what the outcome would be. I love to come across a read that is unpredictable and I found that in Escape. I also like how the author took some characters that I didn't particularly care for and developed personalities that I eventually found endearing. A definite must read! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am currently reading Unbound by Neal Lozano

Purpose by Kristie Cook

Purpose by Kristie Cook is a continuation of the Soul Savers series. Seven years have past since the conclusion of book one and Lexi is a shadow of her former self, missing the half that makes her whole. In my opinion, Purpose fell short of the first novel, Promise. As with the first novel, I felt like one of the main antagonists, Vanessa, was very similar to an antagonist in a popular series. I drew the same parallel between Lexi and Tristan in book one. All in all a good read, but would like to see some character development and a deeper plot unfold in the next installment.

Promise by Kristie Cook

Promise by Kristie Cook was referred to me by a good friend who absolutely loved it. I liked Promise, but did not love it. Lexi's attraction to Tristan reminded me of another pair of popular characters who experience a similar dangerous attraction. This similarity actually made their relationship seem less endearing to me. Other elements of the book, such as Lexi's and Tristan's origins and the common enemy was unique and enjoyable. I thought there would be a hidden enemy that did not materialize, which I was glad did not unfold. Overall a good read.