Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Ages Welcome!!

I am a fiction enthusiast who loves a good book. I can dig into a biography, a mystery, a romance, a paranormal, etc, etc. Since the running of the vamp fiction took hold a few ago I have been looking for a paranormal author that can stand on their own. Well,someone who can hold me over til the next Sookie book. I have really taken a liking to young adult paranormal authors. A few in particular stand out for me: Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzgerald, Lee Nichols and Amanda Hocking. Great authors who release compelling series and a must read for lovers of the paranormal genre. Please note, my avid readers, that young adult does not mean elementary reading. The YA genre just omits a lot of language and sex scenes (cleans it up if you will). Please grab a YA and dig in, I guarantee you will enjoy it!!

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