Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory

I have been in the YA zone for quite some time. So when within days I attended an online Q and A with H.p. Mallory (and absolutely loved her) and had a dearest friend of mine rave in a way I haven't heard about this book, I thought why not? I shelved my YA interests for a time to read Fire Burn. I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoy the chemistry and angst between Jolie and Rand. I also liked how there are attractive potential supernatural suitors galore. I also find it refreshing that at then end of this book I am absolutely unclear on whom Jolie's love interest will be. However, I am surprised at Jolie's purity. In an age of wanton ways a celebate mid-twenties something gal is a rarity. I hope Jolie starts in on something extra-curricular in book two, the girl definitely is surrounded by some alpha males that I would not be able to resist for long. The only problem I had with Fire Burn was the abrupt ending, the novel flowed nicely until the last page which I thought cut off abruptly. I think a cliff hanger may have worked better to leave the readers sitting on the edge of their easy chair with their jaw on the ground. Maybe H.p. Mallory wasn't sure she would write a second book? All and all a great find and I look foward to book two!

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